Lemon cars and auto fraud cost people money.  Get lemon law help.

If you think you have been a victim of auto dealership fraud please call Carton and Rudnick LLC.  We have significant experience in suing car dealerships for fraud , breach of warranty and consumer fraud.  The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act is a powerful ally in combating fraud and dealership fraud and is considered by many the most potent consumer devise in the battle against auto fraud and fraud.  

We help consumers who have been subject to fraud and deceptive practices.  New Jersey laws provide very powerful remedies for those victims of fraud and consumer fraud.

If your car was in an accident before you purchased the car or damaged while in dealer custody and control you probably have a claim if they failed to advise you of this information.  When you purchased a damaged car you are losing money.

Consumer fraud is a very serious matter. The inappropriate conduct by car dealerships and other unscrupulous businesses cost customers millions of dollars in the State of New Jersey.

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act can be enforced by either the State or by individuals acting as private attorney generals.  This means that if you have sustained damages as a result of conduct that is prohibited by the Consumer Fraud Act you can enforce the Consumer Fraud Act by starting a lawsuit to get you money back to recover ascertainable losses with the addition of your attorney fees and costs.  

There is a  required tripling of any damages caused by violations of the Consumer Fraud Act or the ( UDAP ) or the deceptive practice. The Judge is required to triple the damages according to the Consumer Fraud Act and also adds the attorney fees.  

A jury can give you the verdict for the fraud or consumer fraud to which you are entitled.  UDAP is short for unfair deceptive acts and practices (consumer fraud)

When you need an experienced consumer lawyer to help you on you case call Carton and Rudnick LLC.  Jonathan Rudnick was recently named a Super Lawyer in the consumer category and has significant experience in this area

Carton and Rudnick is dedicated to those who need help. We do not represent insurance companies and we never will. We represent victims. We represent those who have been victimized by dishonest businesses and have sustained personal injuries and want to fight back.

We will help you when you need it most:  personal injury, consumer law, employment law.  The most important factor in hiring a lawyer is hiring someone you can have confidence in, who you trust and who answers your questions. We are here for you.  Let us help you when you need it the most.


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