Questions Dealer Employees Need to Ask

If you believe these are all viable questions pertaining to the employment relationship with your dealership, you need to consult legal help.

If you are an employee of an automobile dealership whose pay is based on commissions, you need to establish the following parameters at the time of your employment:

  1. How is my pay going to be calculated?
  2. How is the cost of the vehicle sold going to be calculated?
  3. What additional costs are going to be added to the costs of the automobiles, whether they be new or used?
  4. What is the pack which is going to be assessed to the vehicles?
  5. Will I be given any advance notice of any change in the pay plan?
  6. If I object to any change in the pay plan, what is the procedure?
  7. Will chargebacks reduce my gross commissionable proceeds?
  8. Will I receive proof of chargebacks?
  9. Will I have the opportunity to speak with the dealership owners pertaining to any complaints with my pay?
  10. Will I have access to the dealership back screens?
  11. Will I get commission statement at the time end of each week?
  12. Will I know the costs of the used vehicles prior to the sale?

The last thing that you need to do is pay close attention to your pay and keep detailed personal records of you transaction. Do not take dealer records containing personal information as it might violate dealer policies and privacy laws.

Any records that the dealer gives you, please keep and do not discard, as thse are crucial in examining your pay