New Jersey Lemon Law: Where Can You Sue?

The New Jersey Lemon Law permits suit to be brought in Superior Court or Administrative Court. Matters in Superior Court last about a year-and-a-half, depending on the county. Matters in the Administrative Court take about three to six months. In Superior Court you are permitted a jury, not in Administrative Court, where an administrative judge makes the decisions.

The New Jersey lemon law provides access to both administrative in Superior Court. The New Jersey lemon law, both new and used, provide consumers with many remedies in order to provide them with protection if they acquired the vehicle. New Jersey has both a new and used lemon. In both of these situations you can file suit in Superior Court or you can have alternative administrative court. Administrative Court a shorter in Superior Court. In Superior Court in getting judge and jury where and administrative court judge. In conclusion you litigate in various areas and pursue all remedies available. There is not much restriction on which place you can litigate.