New Jersey Lemon Law Unit

The State of New Jersey has a Lemon Law unit that keeps track of Lemon Law buybacks since they get a branded titles and the information is deemed public information. The following is taken form the web site.

List of Lemon Law cases.

The above list is a list of Lemon Law buyback for cases where the car was repurchased by the manufacturer. The list also contains motorcycle cases and a lot for BMW.

List of Lemon Law cases.

The Lemon Law is where the cases that are filed and set to be heard by an administrative judge are heard and filed.

New Car Lemon Law cases are frequently filed with no lawyers but it is highly recommended that you retain a lawyer as Lemon Law cases can be very technical and have some serious procedural restrictions so you have to be careful when these cases are filed in the Lemon Law Unit so you can maximize your return and get a recovery under the New Jersey Lemon Law