New Jersey Lemon Law: Is my car a lemon?

To qualify for New Jersey Lemon Law the automobile need only be purchased/leased or registered in New Jersey. The use must be personal use rather than for commercial purposes. These are threshold requirements, which must be satisfied to qualify to be successful under New Jersey Lemon Law.

The New Jersey lemon law is a very useful tool for consumers. Many cars are covered by both the new car lemon law in the use car lemon law. These New Jersey consumer laws provide significant benefits. The New Jersey lemon law does not apply to vehicles. As long only applies to non-consumer vehicles. The New Jersey lemon law provides relatively easy access to the courts . The New Jersey lemon law provides for the payment of attorney's fees to those who have successfully cases. The New Jersey lemon laws but one of many tools that is available for consumers state. New Jersey has some of the strongest consumer laws in the entire country. The New Jersey consumer laws provides many benefits to New Jersey consumers as well as out-of-state consumers been victimized by fraud or consumer fraud.

The new and used New Jersey lemon law provides additional protection for consumers in addition to the Magnusson -Moss Warranty and Uniform Commercial Code as adopted by the state of New Jersey.

Is my car lemon? This is a question many consumers asked themselves or considering filing a lemon law claim. If you are considering filing a limit best suited to the consumer lawyer and a lemon law claims and as experience.