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New Jersey Consumer Fraud Lawyer and Lemon Law Lawyer

New Jersey has powerful laws to help consumers:  Car purchases, home improvement, health clubs, gyms, travel services, warranties, service contracts, used cars, new cars, and many more.  There are rules for each business that they must file

New Jersey also has a state agency that can also help under certain circumstances:  Consumer Affairs
If you have a lemon there is a place to go:  Lemon Law Unit

Can I sue a car dealership:  Lawsuits

If you are going to litigate a consumer matter you need to retain a consumer lawyer with significant experience, such as Jonathan Rudnick.

You need the experience of an experienced consumer litigator to protect your rights and make sure you maximize your recovery. At The Law Office of Jonathan Rudnick LLC we have that experience that you would desire so you can make sure that you are protected. We have litigated cases all over the State of New Jersey.

A consumer lawyer or any lawyer involved in the litigation of consumer law claims must have an intimate working knowledge of the relevant consumer laws both in the state and the federal level. In addition to the state and federal laws there are various administrative code sections assist those consumers who have been aggrieved and have sustained an ascertainable loss with recovering monies.

There is a myriad of administrative code regulations ranging from kosher food to weights and measures. It is amazing the breath and with of the regulation associated with the numerous businesses in the state of New Jersey. It is necessary to be familiar with these various administrative code regulations if you are litigating against a specific industry. There is an entire set of regulations with regard to the delivery, assembly and damage of the furniture. There is an entire administrative code section dealing with moving companies and what must be done to make a claim against moving companies. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a federal law involving the potential litigation against moving companies.

Consumer lawyers must be aware of the nature and extent of the businesses in which they are litigating. The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and the New Jersey consumer laws are an excellent source of recovery of any measurable or ascertainable loss for consumers who have been aggrieved. So if you are a consumer and you think you have been taken advantage of you think you have been a victim of a deceptive practice feel free to call my law firm and ask any relevant questions as to whether or not you think you have been a victim or whether or not you have sustained an ascertainable loss.

I prepare may complaints and I am involved a significantly amount of litigation in the area of automotive sales practices and automotive advertising. There are extensive administrative code regulations and an extensive number and statutes that apply to the sale, marketing and servicing of used and new vehicles. This ranges from the use car lemon law to the new car lemon law and the warranties contained in the Uniform Commercial Code.

The Uniform Commercial Code is another source of very specific laws applicable to the sale of automobiles and the warranties associated with the sale of automobiles. Not only does the UCC or the Uniform Commercial Code create various warranties but it creates a set of rules to look at the warranties which might be sold with a specific vehicle. It is a very powerful source of rights so consumers might be reimbursed for any losses that sustain associated with the purchase or financing of a vehicle.

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, the UCC, Uniform Commercial Code, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act all perform their various purposes including but not limited to providing a source of recompense were compensatory damages for consumers who think they are a victim.

Consumer help is available for those who think they have been a victim of either fraud or consumer fraud in New Jersey.

The New Jersey consumer laws and the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act provide really good opportunity for consumers to recover losses that they had sustained as a result of the purchase of defective goods or as a result of losses due to deceptive conduct. There are various types of deceptive conduct that can cause a potential ascertainable or measurable loss.

A very common example of a loss due to deceptive conduct is a dealership selling a vehicle with prior undisclosed damage. There are millions of use cars on the road and many of them have been engaged in various types of incidents or collisions resulting in prior damage.

It would be the obligation of the selling dealer to inspect the vehicle and make sure that the vehicle was safe to the road. It is during this inspection process that the selling dealer would become aware of the nature and extent of any prior damage on the subject automobile, such as repainting evidence, repair evidence or other evidence of prior damage including replaced parts.

The dealership would then have the obligation to make appropriate disclosures to the consumers who are buying this vehicle at their retail establishment. Deceptive conduct is providing misleading disclosures that have the capacity to mislead. If these misleading disclosures that have the capacity to mislead cause or are linked to damages there are claims that can be made by consumers who have sustained an ascertainable or measurable loss.

If you have not received the good(s) that you have bargained for the potential have a claim under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act provides you the opportunity to recover for lost bargains and/or ascertainable or measurable losses associated with one of these types of transactions in which there has been deceptive or misleading conduct.

Call for a case evaluation and see if you have a claim for a vehicle transaction or deceptive conduct or if you have purchased a lemon.

If you need a consumer lawyer or a lemon law lawyer