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Consumer Laws Are Changing in New Jersey: Assembly Bill A3264


Democrat sponsors bill.

This bill protects car dealership from lawsuits.

Why are car dealerships being protected by the politicians.

There has been very powerful anti-consumer legislation introduced into the Assembly that would destroy the effect of the Consumer Fraud Act. These "amendments" to the act would probably destroy all of the consumer protection in the current consumer fraud laws.

There are far-reaching effects of this bill for New Jersey residents. The most likely effect is that it will cost consumers a lot of money. This will result in a redistribution of wealth and encourage corrupt businesses to come to New Jersey, protect car dealerships from consumer fraud lawsuits, and force honest businesses to change their businesses practices.

It will also eviscerate the ability of the Attorney General to intercede and stop deceptive conduct by filing suit and stopping unfair and deceptive practices.

The bill is sponsored by the following respected assembly persons, who only have the public's best interest at heart and have to tackle many divergent interests and issues and do the best they can. There are some legitimate concerns regarding the act and the implementation of the Consumer Fraud Act, as the courts have been doing a very good job in defining the Consumer Fraud Act and applying it on a daily basis.

Corresponding legislation has now been introduced into the state senate and needs to be opposed. This legislation is anti-consumer in every fashion.

Assemblyman Craig Caughlin, District 19 Democrat

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