Monmouth County, Consumer Rights and Consumer Litigation

Monmouth County Consumer Fraud Lawyer

Monmouth County is one of the most popular, if not most beautiful, counties in the State of New Jersey. Monmouth County consists of some of the largest townships in the State of New Jersey including Middletown Township. Middletown Township also contains Leonardo, Belford, Lincroft and portions of Keansburg. Monmouth County has numerous departments and facilities available to the public. There is a county clerk’s office, sheriff’s office, and surrogate’s office. Monmouth County also has an extensive park system, including various golf courses such as Bel-Aire, Charleston Springs, Hominy Hill, Howell Park, Pine Brook, and Shark River and includes an annual Monmouth County Fair. Monmouth County also has a health department, human services department, care centers, restaurant inspections, planning board, multiple libraries, special needs registry, prosecutor’s office and various other services which the public relies upon on a daily basis. More importantly, the Monmouth County website has various important information which the public can access, such as Freeholder Agenda, Freeholder Minutes, Record Search, subdivision maps, election information, tax list image archives, computer data and tax maps. All of these, especially Record Search, are resources that should be freely utilized by the public.

Monmouth County contains many dealerships, all of whom are subject to the provisions of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and have various obligations under the Administrative Code and the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.