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Dear Mr. Rudnick:

I think I need an auto fraud lawyer in New that sues car dealerships.

I want to thank you in advance. I reviewed your website and I noticed various claims that can be made against car dealerships. I would like to tell you as quickly as it can my story about buying a car from a car dealership and being taken advantage of in the purchase of the vehicle.
I was looking for a car on the Internet. I did some research and I discovered that it was best to look for car on the Internet first then go to the dealership and test drive the car. However, it appears that this did not work.

I put my contact information on the dealership webpage. They called me and we spoke for about ½ an hour about cars that were available and available prices.They told me that I was approved for credit and the car wanted was available for less than the price that was on the website. I was very excited, and I did not think that I should write down or confirm any of this information. I just trusted them. I was also very clear that I did not want a car that was in a prior accident. I family members that have some per-existing medical conditions and I need to make sure that they are safe when we’re driving a car. My child had a skiing accident and was seriously injured. I cannot put him into a car or operate a car that is not safe to drive.

I made sure of this and reaffirmed specifically the car was NOT in an accident and they said 100% not in an accident, they said we sell a product that is reliable, not damage and we run everything through or repair shop that is staffed with experienced technicians. I relied upon the representations, thought they were telling me the truth and was confident in their ability to get me what I wanted at the price that I wanted. I was slightly concerned as my credits score wee was low because I was forced to declare bankruptcy several years ago from medical bills. I Think I need a lawyer for auto fraud in Tinton Falls New Jersey.

I went to the dealership after I made an appointment. The trouble started immediately. When I arrived at the dealership nobody knew that I was coming. It was forced to sit for about 35 minutes before anybody came to see me. Then, the salesman, knew nothing about the car wanted by prior discussions or anything. I felt like completely wasted my time. However, since either he traveled about an hour to the dealership and the new salesman was nice I sit down with him and repeated might extensive, lengthy discussion with the person on the telephone.

He said that the court which I wanted had been sold. I found that funny, since about the day ago the car was still in the website and it was on the website while it was at the dealership. I found another car that I liked. Again, he said that he had to remain credit. This is unfortunate as the prior salesman told me that I was preapproved. It is as if they had no idea that I was coming, had no information on me. I do not find this credible. I think that they were just lying to me in retrospect. It is likely they knew I was coming and intentionally planned to keep me there to sell me any car. I do not think that the car that was advertised was available.

I found a car I liked. There was no price on the car. However, we negotiated a price. I later discovered that the dealership is always required to have a price on the car . This was upsetting. Since the court did not have a price, I was put in an awkward negotiating position and the dealership had a tremendous advantage.

I also estimate many questions about the history of the car. I did not want the car that was in a prior accident. I did not want to car that was repossessed. I did not want a rental car. I feel that all of these types of vehicles are not reliable and they are not worth the money that I am paid. He assured me with complete certainty that the court that I wanted was not in an accident, was not a rental car, and had not been repossessed. I relied upon statements to me to move forward with the transaction. I think now, looking back, I should have made notes or had him place in writing the specific promises he made to me about the history of the car. Moving ahead a little bit, after I bought the car and confronted the salesman, after I returned to the dealership, he denied he made any of the statements to me. I do not feel that I should have to have been a lawyer negotiated a car with me at the dealership.

I was at the dealership for about 10 hours. After I agreed to by the court they made me wait several hours. I am not sure why this happened as the salesman had promised and stated to me that the car had previously been running through the shop when they purchased it. He also stated to me that they have technicians and the car was certified and if there were any problems or issues they would have been previously discovered. This is why I decided to purchase a used car from this dealership. They affirmatively stated to me many promises that induced me to buy the car. I feel taken advantage of by the car salesman and the car dealership.

In addition, I went there by myself and I was hungry at a certain point. I should not have, by myself as it was not paying attention, on my phone doing emails and texts and getting calls from my spouse and children. Next time, I am going to bring somebody with me to the car dealership and bring food.

I finally left the dealership with my new car about 10 hours after I arrived at the dealership. On the way home I noticed some squeaks and some additional stains on the inside of the vehicle which looked to be leaking. I did not see this on the test drive. I did not get to ask this question of the salesperson. I called the salesperson at the next morning to ask about those issues. He said he would look into it and get back to me. Today, he has never got back to me.

About 2 days after I brought the car I was at the car wash and I look to the very closely and it looks like the court’s 2 different colors. It also looks like there or imperfections in the paint and waiving this on the side of the car. I’m not an expert in used cars. I took the vehicle to one of my children’s friends who has experience in working on cars. He looked at the car and said that the car was clearly in a prior accident and he figured it out after about 10 seconds. He said that the paint was discolored. He said that there were tape lines were evidence of prior paint and prior damage. He did not put the court in the left but said that about three quarters of the car had been repainted, poorly, and there had been extensive work done under the hood. He saw evidence of prior repairs almost immediately and areas where there was over spray, or paint and areas of the car that should not exist.

I called the dealership about a week later. I spoke to the salesman and complained that he had promised me that the vehicle which was sold was not a prior accident which now clearly appears to be false. He denied everything, including telling me that the car was not in a prior accident. I was very upset and it was clear that he was lying to me. I do not like being lighted to buy a car salesman from whom I just purchased a $25,000 car. I felt taken advantage of.

I did my research and learned that a car dealership or any business cannot lie about a product that they are selling. If they tell me a car is not in an accident it is the requirement to make sure that the court is not in an accident. I also learned that the Consumer Fraud Act in the New Jersey get help consumers who have been victimized such as myself. I feel I was taken advantage of and lied to by the car salesman. The car salesman should have known that the car was in a prior accident. If he did not know that the court is in a prior accident, he should have told me and I would have hired my own technician to look at the car.

Further, he explained to me that his dealership was a credible dealership and that no weight would sell a car which was previously damaged. This also now appears to be false and a complete lie. I feel I was taken advantage of relied upon statements by the car salesman and I should be able to sue them for damages. I never would have purchased the car if it was disclosed to me that the car was in an accident. I would not have purchased the car if the car salesman told me that he did not know whether the car was in an accident or not. I would have paid somebody to look at it will probably have begun to another dealership.

I want to file a Auto Fraud Lawsuit against the dealership. I want to file a lawsuit for fraud and Consumer Fraud. I feel the dealership lied to me intentionally to convince me to buy a car from them. I want triple damages and also lawyers’ fees.

My car was damaged
My car did not have an sticker price
They lied to me when they sold me the car
I want to sue because I think the dealer engaged in Auto Fraud

Do I need a special lawyer that sues car dealerships for auto fraud and consumer fraud