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Do I have a Lemon Law Case and is there such a thing as a Lemon Law attorney?

Dear Mr. Rudnick:

I am writing you this letter because I need to hire in New Jersey lemon law lawyer. Last year I purchased a brand-new car from a local dealer. I was very happy when I first got the car and was promised that I had a bumper-to-bumper warranty and if anything went wrong with the court the dealer would take care of it and I would have to worry. This is one of the benefits of buying a new car as opposed to a used car. I had owned many used cars, never a new car. I paid a lot of money and my wife and kids absolutely love the car. The dog even likes the car. It was a very large sport utility vehicle as I had been saving for and really had been looking forward to driving for a long time. I have to say that for the first three weeks it was a pleasure running the car and it was enjoyable. However, after the first three weeks we started to experience numerous problems which I would say were unexpected. I saved up a lot of money for this car wife and children like the car and the dog. Ultimately, this is not the car that I bargained for, this is not the car I wanted, and the dealer and the manufacturer refused to honor the warranty which is the reason why I think I have a lemon law claim and why I think I needed New Jersey lemon law lawyer.

So, the first problem happened about a month after the purchase and the check engine light went on. I have to tell you that I returned to the dealer at that point. By the time I returned to the dealer the check engine light had been off. Now I did not think that I had to take a picture of it or video it in any way. I would assume that the car would store this information and the dealer, and the manufacturer would be able to let it happen. I was wrong. I was surprised. I got to the dealer and they claimed they checked out the vehicle plugged it into the computer and attempted to confirm that I had a complaint. I didn't have a specific driving complaint except a brief shutter when the check engine light on. The dealer told me there was no record of the check engine light and they cannot confirm my complaint. I was very upset as I have young children in a family who use this car a daily basis. I started not to trust the vehicle and certainly not trust the dealer which is why started to think they were covering up were there was some sort of lemon vehicle that I was driving.

So I left and I was not happy with my new car purchase. I didn't even really look at the repair order that closely however when I got home I noticed that my complaints that I stated to the service technician were not listed in the repair work. I was starting to get upset and it looked like somebody was trying to cover up what was wrong with this vehicle. I went on the Internet and looked for similar makes and models of this car to see if they were a lemon and while I couldn't find specific complaint about the vehicle shattering I did notice that there was something called technical service bulletins, TSB, of which there were many. My research on the Internet has taught me that technical service bulletins can be potential problems that the dealership has experienced with the car, most minor, which are not disclosed to the consumer under most circumstances. As an example if there is an issue and I bring it back and complain of the tires not operating properly or the air conditioner not operating properly there might be notations from the manufacturer how to deal with this issue. So now I'm getting upset because it looks like the dealership could potentially know about been problems in a new vehicle and I will be told. Moreover, I saved a long time and spent a lot of money on a new vehicle which had many technical service bulletins available for the dealership to you. Again, I started not to trust the selling dealership. Not only did I think at this point the vehicle could be lemon, but I thought that the dealer and/or the manufacturer might have known about Potential issues when I purchased the car. Again, I started to think that I might need a lawyer for lemon law or consumer claim under NJ consumer laws or lawsuit in the state of New Jersey.

At this point I was hoping that the problem would not continue and that my new car purchase would be as I thought very simple where I got a very good car. Again, unfortunately, about two or three weeks later I had another problem. And it happened so fast, and unexpected that I did not have an opportunity to video it or take a picture on my phone. The check engine light blinked very quickly on and off and the vehicle shuddered at high speeds on the highway when I was in the family taking my car to soccer practice. I was very upset. What was I going to do? I thought my car was a lemon, but I was thinking that if I brought it back to the dealership without picture or video they wouldn't believe me and the same thing that happened. Nothing.

So, I made an appointment about the vehicle back to the dealership on Monday morning. I parked the vehicle Saturday afternoon after soccer practice. My wife refused to get in the car my children refused. They were nervous, and their confidence had been shaken in the vehicle. Nobody wanted to get into the car. The dog too.

I returned to the dealer and the same thing happened. They called me said they could not confirm the check engine light and cannot confirm the shutter. Now I am in the vehicle about a month and a half and I had to return to the dealership a second time and they were unable to confirm my complaints and unable to confirm the check engine light being on. At this point I certainly do not trust the selling dealer and I do not trust the manufacturer either. They keep on telling me nothing is wrong but I'm certain that something was wrong with the car and my wife and children do not want in the car.

So, as I drove out of the dealership the vehicle broke down as it entered into the street. I almost got to an accident when somebody almost hit me. The dealership called me a loaner but I had to get into an argument with them to get me that car. At this point I can tell you I certainly did not want this lemon vehicle. The dealership claimed they are going to take the car and call the manufacturer do a diagnostic and see what was wrong with it. I did not know I'm not an expert I work for a large company and sit behind a desk. The dealer and the manufacturer should know what's wrong with the vehicle and whether or not my new vehicle has a defect. I can tell you that at this point I do not trust them.

I returned five days later to get the car. This time when I picked the vehicle up I was very careful to look at the repair order they gave me. The repair order that they tried to give to me did not contain my complaints and make them reprinted out and refused to sign it until it contained my complaints that I told. Unfortunately, they claim there is nothing wrong with the vehicle and cannot confirm anything despite the fact that the vehicle broke down on the lot.

They said it was that was operating was normal and they did a simple software update they said it would fix any problem if there were problem. In short, they did nothing at this point and I certainly did not trust them and I wanted a new car.

I would not put my wife children and dogs into the vehicle when I was almost in an accident at the dealership. I did not want to put my children in the car ever again and was going to have to sue them under the lemon law. While I did not know exactly what is going to have to do I was going to make sure I was going to get a lawyer. So, I guess my question to you is will I have to do to get a successful case, what are my rights and can the manufacturer give me a new vehicle. I do not know anything about the law and honestly, I've never had the need for a lawyer I spent a lot of money on the car, I saved a lot of money and I purchased a lemon. More and most importantly I do not trust this car my family does not trust this car and I want my money back or want them to replace the car. What are my rights? What can I do? Can I get a new car? Do in a lemon law cases? Please let me about my rights under NJ law and if I have a lemon


Mr John Doe

The above is a summary and not a letter from a real client. It is only a listing and summary of complaints not real complaint but only a summary of Lemon Law claims and types of complaints