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Buying Damaged Cars
FIGHT BACK - Filing a claim under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

Learn about your consumer rights. Where the dealer has lied to about the history of the vehicle, you could potentially have a claim against the dealer lied to you for damages under New Jersey law. The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act provide you with remedies against a dealer who was lied to you regard to the sale of an automobile. The consumer rights in New Jersey are very powerful.

Damaged cars can cost you money and you need a consumer lawyer to help you in New Jersey. NJ Consumer rights are very powerful.

Buying a car to be one of the most important financial decisions that you can make. Whether you are buying a new car, a used car or a certified pre-owned car the financial implications are tremendous. Especially, because here in New Jersey the options outside of your own transportation are limited.

When people travel to a dealership and purchase a car they are very nervous. They are nervous on many grounds. Can they trust the salesman? Are they getting a good car? Has the car been in a prior accident? The car breakdown after they buy? Is the car lemon?

If you buy the wrong car the financial implications can be tremendous. Some studies have shown that the amount of cars with odometer rollback's, incorrect mileage, prior damage can be tremendous. You need to protect your financial security and your family's financial security.

Many dishonest dealers will lie to you about the automobile, lie to you about the repairs were done and lie to you about the condition.

You should take comfort in that New Jersey law provides many options to those that of been victims of fraud and consumer fraud.

There is a secondary market in buying and selling used automobiles with significant damage. There are certain auctions that only sell damaged vehicles.

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and other New Jersey statutes provide you appropriate remedies if you have been the victim of fraud or consumer fraud. So if you think you have been a victim of fraud or consumer fraud you should contact my law firm with any questions.

Many times there can be signs of pre-existing damage or discrepancies with regard to the history that was given by the dealer.

When you get the car and finally take a very close look at it there could be discoloration and paint, over spray, mismatched paint, over worn tires, and the unusual wear in the interior of the vehicle. These can be signs of pre-existing damage or use inconsistent with the amount of miles that you have on the car.

If you buy a car with one of these conditions especially pre-existing accident damage or lost money. You now have to disclose that the vehicle has been in a prior accident you sell it result in damages.

As an example if you have a car that was worth approximately $10,000 without an accident and when you go to sell the car and the dealer who's going to acquire the vehicle finds out it was in an accident there are going to offer you significantly less than $10,000. This is especially true if the vehicle has a bad Carfax history.

After you have purchased a damaged vehicle there are severe consequences. Many times, a damaged vehicle is unsafe to drive. Many times, a damaged vehicle has a significant reduced value. The unknown factor is significantly purchase a vehicle with prior damage. It takes an expert to determine the nature and extent of the prior damage under most circumstances.

When in litigation there are various ways and methods to obtain the information about the prior damage on the subject vehicle. But, prior damage is a significant issue. Sometimes the dealer knows, sometimes the dealer does not know. If the car dealer knows the car dealer has an obligation to tell them. If the car dealer does not know the car dealer is obliged with making affirmative representations of fact that are truthful. If a salesperson a car dealership represents that the vehicle as accident rate it must, in fact, the accident free.

If a salesperson at a dealership represents that a vehicle as accident free you have the right to rely upon the representations from the car dealer and the car salesman that the vehicle is free from accident. It is the obligation of the seller of the goods to make sure the goods are as warranted. It is the seller of the vehicle with the obligation to make sure that the representations are correct. The seller of the vehicle is an expert in the business. The seller of the vehicle as an expert in the business has an obligation to make sure that the vehicle is accurately, properly and fully represented consistent with the truth. Half-truths in good faith in various consumer fraud claims are not sufficient defenses. The dealer has the obligation to make affirmative representations of fact that are truthful. A car dealership lawyer or a consumer attorney will know these specific facts and you understand the law when pursuing a lawsuit against a used car dealership for a new car dealership.

If you have purchased the vehicle that is been previously damaged without your knowledge potentially have a claim under New Jersey law, under the New Jersey consumer laws for fraud and consumer fraud. There are many claims it can be made under New Jersey consumer fraud laws against the dealership and the salesman who have lied about the purchase of the vehicle. You have claims for triple damages. The claims for attorney’s fees. You a claim for equitable relief. The consumer laws in New Jersey are very powerful and very strong and provides consumers who have been subject to violations of the New Jersey consumer fraud act and other consumer laws rights and remedies.

The history of the vehicle call the Law office of Jonathan Rudnick LLC for free consultation to determine nature and extent of any and all claims you might have against the car dealership.