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New Jersey Consumer Attorney Help Page for Lemon Law, Auto Fraud and Dealership Litigation


The key to many consumer fraud claims is the research both during and after the transaction. The key to protecting yourself in a consumer transaction is being more informed and more educated than the business with whom you are dealing. There are many ways to do research both online and in person. Many times for potential consumer fraud and fraud claims there is research to do with regard to complaints of other individuals who have had adverse dealings with specific. Other times it is just a matter of learning what the law is, the industry standards and consulting with a potential consumer lawyer if you have any questions both work during or after the transaction.

I strongly recommend learning the most about the industry and as much about the particular product as you and. With this knowledge act you were bigger tips you should be able to assure that you are not taking advantage. Before resources are available for you for jury or after a transaction whether it be buying a car or selecting a insurance policy.

Please feel free to browse these consumer resources and seek a consumer lawyer for guidance at any time.

The vehicle identification number on each vehicle means something:year of the car, engine type, plant where it was manufactured, engine type, etc.This is coding of the vehicle identification numbers for all cars.

New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs

This department covers everything from car salesmen to home contractors.You can download a form to file a complaint or just do research on the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance

All banks and insurance companies must have a license to transact business.You can file a complaint or do research on the latest news on banks and insurance companies.

Motor Vehicle Commission

This is the old Motor Vehicle Commission, which has many resources, including forms for title histories and registration histories on vehicles.It also contains rules for salvage car titles and many other pertinent regulations.

Federal Trade Commission National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Technical Service Bulletins

Search for technical service bulletins for your car.

Consumer Fraud Act

This contains the entire New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and ranges from laws on kosher foods to used cars.

Trial Lawyers For Public Justice

This is one of the most useful legal sites on the web. It contains case law in many diverse areas and provides guidance in several areas, such as consumer and victims' rights, environmental protection and safety, civil rights and civil liberties, workers' rights, America's civil justice system, federal preemption of injury, victims' rights, unfair mandatory arbitration, class action bans and abuse, unnecessary secrecy in the courts, attacks on the right to counsel and jury trial, and unconstitutional legislation.

This site provides free access to thousands of salvage and total vehicle car histories as collected by the Federal Government as reported by various sources, such as insurance companies.

Department of Wage and Labor link

Federal Trade Commission

Anti-Consumer Changes in the Consumer Fraud Act: A-3333

There are major changes pending in the legislature on the Consumer Fraud Act that are anti-consumer.

Learn how to sue a car dealership

What is breach of warranty?

New Rules for Mortgage Brokers take effect April 1st 2011 in Amendments to Regulation Z.

House Financial Services Committee.