Consumer Rights in New Jersey

Consumer attorneys practicing consumer law have to address numerous and extensive legal issues on a daily basis. These issues deal with the various consumer laws of each state, the various lemon laws of each state, and the various warranty laws of each state. There are also industry specific litigation areas for consumer lawyers.

As an example, there are a small number of lawyers that litigate in the auto industry. These attorneys litigate against car dealerships that allegedly have deceived and work engaged in deceptive practices. There are also a group of lawyers who litigate against debt collectors. The litigation comes under the fair debt collection practices act. There is a group of attorneys who litigate against credit reporting agencies. This area law is called the fair credit repair act or the FCRA. There is also the Uniform Commercial Code which deals with various consumer issues including breach of warranty, good faith and various contracts for sales of goods.

Consumer attorneys operate under the same rules of evidence in a court rules as other attorneys. Consumer lawyers focus their practice on the consumer laws and generally operate under a fee shifting standard. Usually, the consumer laws including breach of warranty and lemon laws provide that a consumer can have the fees paid by the defendant if they are successful. The same concept is true in civil rights litigation.

The practice of consumer litigation is extremely rewarding both personally and professionally. The concept of consumer litigation and the consumer law surrounding consumer litigation is to provide consumers with equal access to the courts with the ability to have a competent attorney represent them as a result of the fee shifting nature of the statutes.

You might be from lawyer with the extent of consumer class actions. Consumer class actions are available in various areas of the law and it is a procedural remedy rather than a substantive remedy. In short, this means that is a procedural device to permit one consumer to act on behalf of other consumers who are easily identifiable. There are requirements however these are addressed by the various procedural guidelines created by each state contained in court rules.

You might also be familiar with the letter laws that provide remedies to consumers who have purchased defective goods. The various state level laws were created to provide consumers access to the courts against defendant that have significant resources. The existence of these laws is extremely favorable for consumers and provides them with the ability to go to court if they purchased a defective product.

Consumer Lawyers can help you if you have claims under New Jersey law.

The laws of New Jersey specifically the consumer law and fraud laws in New Jersey are very strong. New Jersey boasts some of the strongest consumer laws including the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, in the entire nation. There are mandatory triple damages for an ascertainable loss there are the recovery of attorney’s fees and the recovery of costs for successful litigants.

Individuals who have been agreed and web sustained an ascertainable loss have very powerful remedies and rights under New Jersey law. The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act is but one of the numerous statutes and administrative code sections to assist consumers in recovering money which has been obtained as a result of a deceptive practice