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What are my consumer rights?

New Jersey Lemon Law Lawyer Blog

Consumers have many questions regarding consumer transactions and need their consumer questions answered in an accurate, timely manner. We can answer your consumer, personal injury and employment questions.

The blog addresses many issues including your consumer rights on many transaction, buying damaged cars, wrongful repossession, breach of warranty, breach of contract, and many other issues that have been encountered by Jonathan Rudnick Esq. while litigating consumer law cases in New Jersey.

Many of your questions can be answered while reviewing the Lemon Law blog and the issues addressed are extensive and the answers are consumer friendly and hopefully answered in a short and simple manner.

Take your time read the blog and if you have any questions feel free to call me about your consumer right on and consumer related issue.

Consumer rights in New Jersey vary by facts and what law you were attempting to enforce. Consumer rights can vary and address numerous issues including landlord-tenant, gym memberships, automobile dealerships, banks, Kosher food and finance companies.

New Jersey has an Administrative code that addresses issues specifically related to specific industries.

As an example there is an entire set of regulations on consumer contracts. As an example there is an entire set of regulations applicable to automotive advertising. As an example there is an entire set of regulations applicable to Kosher food. Very frequently a review of these regulations which are available online can provide some guidance for both businesses and consumers alike as the consumer rights with regard to any other business.

As an example if you have questions pertaining to automotive repairs go to the specific administrative section for some guidelines on these issues. Obviously, an experienced attorney should be consulted as the administrative code regulations are a limited purview into the nature and extent of New Jersey law applying to the conduct of this particular business.

Frequently the use of types of law including statutory law and common law are useful in addressing business conduct. Statutory law might include the Consumer Fraud Act. Statutory law might include the UCC, Uniform Commercial Code. Obviously, hiring an attorney who is familiar with the consumer issues is very frequently the best option. However, you need to do research to determine the nature and extent of reissue long before you contact an attorney.