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Practicing law since 1991, he was a law secretary for the Honorable Laurence Stamelman in Freehold, New Jersey. He then joined the law firm of Rudnick, Addonizio and Pappa and became a partner in 2000. He now operates The Law Office of Jonathan Rudnick LLC, a leading consumer law firm in New Jersey.

Opening his own law firm, The Law Office of Jonathan Rudnick LLC, dedicated to the protection of consumer rights. He has been litigating consumer, consumer fraud, lemon law and class action cases since 1996. He estimates that he has litigated in excess of 1,000 cases and tried over 100 cases before a judge, a jury and in arbitration, usually American Arbitration Association.

He was co-class counsel on the case of Dellapietro v. Sansone Auto Mall, alleging the overcharge of title and registration fees. Primary class counsel in that case was Mike Coren of Levy Angstreich, one of the leading class action firms in the nation.

Settlements in all the consumer fraud class action litigation would be in THE MILLIONS. He receives referrals from other attorneys throughout the State of New Jersey as well as nationwide.

He also litigates in many other states where he is sponsored by a local attorney for auto dealer class actions where it is alleged that the dealer is not complying with a pay plan that is in effect to calculate commissions.

Since 1998 he has been a member on numerous occasions of the National Association of Consumer Advocates, an organization dedicating to lobbying, protecting and otherwise assisting consumers with their rights pertaining to deceptive business practices. They have yearly meetings and seminars, which he ordinarily attends. He has attended consumer rights seminars in Baltimore, Washington, San Diego, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Washington and Boston.

He has lectured lawyers in the context the Institute of Continuing Legal Education on many consumer issues. He lectured specifically on the issue of auto fraud before Legal Services of New Jersey in 2002. He attended the Federal odometer fraud conference in Seattle in 1999. He is an online professor at

He has been a member of the State Bar and served on the Consumer Law Committee since its creation in 2002. He was appointed by the Honorable Judge Waldman, Superior Court, Freehold, New Jersey, when he was the president of the Monmouth County Bar Association. This committee is dedicated to the furtherance of consumer-related legislation proposed by politicians. It comments and prepares legislative positions on all relevant consumer-related issues. This committee meets approximately 10 times per year.

He was appointed to the Supreme Court Committee for the Special Civil Part in 2001 and has provided various free lectures to the public on lemon law, consumer fraud and credit repair issues.

He also is on the faculty at, for which viewers receive ICLE credit for viewing the online lectures. The classes are "How to Sue a Car Dealership" and "Discovery in a Case Against a Car Dealership." Consumer Arbitrations, New jersey Consumer Issues.

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[How to Sue a Car Dealership]
"Jon is a leading voice on this topic, and I enjoyed his presentation." - Arnold (Basking Ridge, NJ)


Car dealerships may have a reputation for hiring slick talkers, but they’re no match for a knowledgeable attorney. Having a full understanding of state laws and the basis for liability can help an attorney identify deceptive practices in purchasing a vehicle.

In this course, attorney Jonathan Rudnick drives home the basics of suing a car dealership. He offers an analysis of consumer fraud statutes, a discourse on how to properly and effectively research a case, and an examination of the motives and incentives behind car dealerships. The course will prepare any attorney to legally battle a deceitful car dealership, and should be watched in conjunction with Rudnick's second course "Discovery in Car Dealership Cases."


  1. Consumer Fraud Statute
  2. The Basis for Liability
  3. Deciding to Take a Case
  4. Industry Insurance Coverage
  5. The Truth and Lending Act
  6. Prior History Cases
  7. Arbitration Clauses

"Discovery in an Auto Fraud Case"


In a follow-up to his extremely popular course "How to Sue a Car Dealership," consumer attorney Jonathan Rudnick provides a must-see presentation on how to win a case against a car dealership through the discovery process. Rudnick examines the unique aspects of pre-trial work in this area of law, including the importance of the insurance policy, understanding the dealer-specific terms, and which documents to request. He also uses examples of New Jersey cases to demonstrate how courts have interpreted consumer protection laws with respect to discovery. Finally, Rudnick concludes the course by sharing key tips to getting the most from interrogatories, subpoenas, and expert witnesses. This is an exemplary course for attorneys representing clients who have purchased "lemon" cars, and, indeed, for car owners in general.


  1. Industry Terms
  2. Document Demand
  3. Interrogatories
  4. The Condition of the Car
  5. Depositions
  6. Expert Witnesses
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